That overwhelming passion for the well-being of animals, and the ever-present opportunities of sharing that with children....

Growing up on a plot, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by animals my whole life, from saving abandoned ducklings, to watching my mother help sheep give birth. My parents will always comment on how I brought everything and anything that did not have a home...home.

From a young age I volunteered at the local SPCA on weekends. After school, I spent many years teaching at Summer camps in America. In 2003 I was lucky enough to become a tour guide at the Johannesburg Zoo, and still occasionally do a tour if I can fit one in.

In 2009 I become very ill and was basically bedridden and unable to work. I drove past a makeshift "kraal" next to a road, and saw a lamb, and thought, I have a plot, I can offer that poor guy a home, and so I bought him, and brought Lambert home. Next was Bart and Hambro, our ducks, whom I also saved and brought home. Slowly schools and Moms found out about the animals I had, and how tame they were, and asked for me to bring them to their schools, or child's party. That was 7 years ago, and most of those animals we still have today, plus a good 100 more. Sadly we have lost some along the way, and my heart still remains slightly broken, and I don't think it will ever heal, but that is what happens when you chose to love an animal.

I am so privileged that I am able to do what I love everyday, Ill end with these words, from an incredible mentor I had the privilege of knowing.

'If you say don't touch, you say don't learn", Chris Boshoff.

Lisa & Goat